Who did you harm today?

I just wanted to put something out there that is a little light, doesn’t really have a ton of place in today’s society, and sort of pushes your mind.

Everyday, everything we do impacts someone else. We are all caught up in ourselves that we don’t think of it. I assume our mind actively tries to avoid it because what benefit would we get knowing all the people we hurt.

Every single action has a consequence. If you take a job that maybe you don’t deserve, you are stealing it away from someone who does. When you throw away good food, you are taking what someone else could live on. When you watch people hurt another person, you encourage hatred into the world.

We live in a society that is untouchable. If someone provokes you, you cannot hit them. If you confront them verbally, you will get harassment charges or your social status will decline. If you do something another person doesn’t like, they can call the police on you even if what you did was of zero consequence to that person.

At what point is enough, enough? How many people have to be angry, hurt, upset, or whatever? Will we only treat each other better and defend each other when someone is being wrong, when the law says we have to?

The real question I am asking is, are you leaving the world the way you want it to be?


Have a good night, hopefully you try to think a bit about what I am saying.



Modern Feminism, Jobs, and Video Games all share this devastating trait…

We have seen a variety of issues as a species. From slavery to internet neutrality, the issues we face know no bounds. Some of the things we are facing today as publicized by large media stations is the fight for feminism once again. I personally think this modern form of feminism is disgusting. It doesn’t fight for equality, rather, it fights for excessive privilege. Of course, everyone should be free and treated the same regardless of race, sex, or beliefs. While I have only ever met one or two people who made me believe that they have some sort of issue with a type of people, the rest of people I have ever met are completely indifferent. You get treated by most people according to how you act.

An important concept for you to understand moving forward is prejudice. Prejudice is generally described as having an opinion based off of no reason or experience. The most common example is the prejudice in some stores. They believe that African-Americans should be watched closer then caucasians. There has been plenty of experiments showing that this prejudice happens, unfortunately.

Modern feminism has become the rise of prejudice against white males. Unfortunately as well, the concept has gained enough traction to make it into media. A wonderful video explaining feminism and showing the false nature of it is linked right here in the event you want to learn more. The piece I want to highlight is how this thinking is promoting prejudice behavior.

Some people believe that our jobs are a safe zone. There is no way that there could be prejudice in them. However, they are what I would consider the most prejudice thing in our society. You may agree you may not, just hear me out on some of these topics. When you submit a resume your interaction with your hiring manager is minimal. They read a name, a location, where you have worked, and some skills you might add. A resume gives this person zero touch on your personality, zero touch about any work ethic, zero knowledge of anything that might be going on in your life (health, children, death, etc.), and definitely no information on who you are as a person. If you have bounced around from job to job because of moving or whatever then the hiring manager will have prejudice based off of past experiences, or what they have heard about people who jump ship often, and then pass on you.

There has also been studies showing that people with ‘white sounding names’ have a higher chance of getting a position versus people with ‘black sounding names’. It is crazy to think that people find prejudice just based off of names. I don’t plan on going into every single one of them, but this last one is something that disgusts me something fierce.

Having a job significantly increases your chances of getting the job versus someone who is not currently employed. The typical prejudice for this is that people who are currently employed have a higher work ethic versus someone who is not employed. I find this as absolute insanity. I can understand how someone might arrive at that conclusion, they are most likely told to hire people who are currently employed or they have began believing their own personal opinion as fact. This is actually a strong reason why the homeless number is increasing, whether it is addressed or not.

This is a research article from 1999 discussing a drastic rise in homelessness.

Here is another website that gives you a rundown of some important numbers.

These prejudice can completely cripple our society. Although, maybe you don’t see my point yet. Maybe you don’t believe me when I say prejudice is at an all time high and infecting everyone. I have one more subject for you, video gaming. Competitive video gaming is at an all time high. Each year these games break records with attendance and prize pools. Even recently there has been colleges that will give full ride scholarships for playing them.

This is an NBC news article with some information. 

This is a list of some colleges that give out scholarships.

These e-sports and competitive environments are too new to really have anyone looking at the environment that they create. Sports outside of video games have had a history long enough to support and try and raise humble players. Players who can be a good teammate. E-sports however is extremely well known to be terrible environments. Constantly being filled with hostility, high levels of cyber bullying, and aggressive almost scary threats. The software companies who write these games have implements a system that they feel is successful. It is a report system. The players who are in a game with a toxic person have the ability to report them. This system is completely automated. This is how they choose to save money dealing with these issues. A person who ends up receiving X number of reports ends up getting punished.

HOWEVER, this is absolutely broken and is having significant consequences on the state of these games. Due to the system just being based off of a number of reports and no actual evidence of toxic behavior it encourages people to group up and witch hunt players who they do not like. There are scores of internet forums filled with comments of how people ran into a negative group and they ended up being punished for no reason.

THESE PREJUDICE MATTER AND HERE IS WHY. Anymore it seems that everyone is so busy trying to keep up with their lives that outside issues hardly matter. If it isn’t directly in front of you or affect you. We are all guilty of this. My point here is to say that this rise in prejudice, whether it be from feminists, companies, or our relaxing activities, it is a serious problem that is putting strain on everyone. The people who have to face these prejudice each day rise. Ask the people who have to deal with shops constantly watching them or are misjudged because of someone else. The strain this causes is immense. It makes the atmosphere more hostile. Prejudice reduces the amount of happiness that a person can experience. If you have never felt a form of prejudice then feel free to play one of these video games for the fastest experience. Stress and negativity in the culture builds upon itself and creates such circumstances that put people in depression, dissociation, and sometimes even suicidal.

I understand that it feels like these all have simple answers, but they don’t. They show a problem in our society that we need to fix. We should all be worried about each other and try to be a little nicer.

Thank you for reading. I hope that this informed you of some things that are happening that you might not have known about. I will release a post on my thoughts on how we can fix them as well as some specific proof that you guys might find shocking.


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Math Series #1 – Negative Numbers

Math section talking about negative numbers.

One of the series I plan to start with this blog are a series of tutoring sections. The goal of this is to give some help where I have quite a bit of knowledge. I want to be able to help people who don’t believe they get to use math see that there are many points in our everyday life that having a strong math understand is beneficial.

I chose this subject because I wanted to start somewhere that might be giving people problems, it is simple enough to write a brief explanation for, easy homework, and fairly straight forward to move up after this. So if you like it, please leave me a comment and/or follow me for more. With everything I end up doing here the continuation of something or the discontinuation of something is completely dependent on you.


Negative Numbers

We all know about positive numbers. We use them almost every day: adding our money, counting bananas, and many more. We actually use negative numbers more often then we believe. Whenever you make a transaction on your credit card, visa, or check you are using negative numbers. We see these equations simplified most of the time as $10 – $4 = $6. This isn’t wrong but there is more to this equation then meets the eye. Most people can agree the addition equations are the easiest. 10 + 5, 1999 + 1, 54323 + 1231234, and so on. It is easier to count to a higher number. All the way from school we learn to count forwards and backwards.

The equation 10 – 4 can be changed to 10 + (-4). This will give you the same answer. In pre-algebra classes this is about the time they will teach you the number line. A number line is a series of numbers shown on a picture that is a line. Something sort of like this:



Yours may be a bit more elegant but they serve the same purpose. They allow people to visualize the equation. If you have something like 10-4 you can find the answer by starting at the number 10 on the number line and counting backwards 4 numbers. This will bring you to the number 6. If you get something that looks like -4 + 10 you get to move right instead of left. Starting at -4 you will count right 10 spaces bringing you to 6.

While most of our computations are a bit more complicated then this it is still the basic way we solve these problems. Whether you use the number line or you are confident enough to do it in your head both ways will suffice to do the problems.

Each section I will give some homework that you can try. I will answer these problems in my next mathematics post. I will give some normal equations as well as word problems. I will always try to give you something that you can answer that helps show the relation and how we use it in real life.


1.  25 – 13

2.  20 + (-4)

3.   -147 + (-253)

4.   5 + 13 – 7 + (-24) – (+37)

5.   You find twenty dollars in your couch. You decide that you are going to test your luck at the casino. You take the twenty dollars and put it into the slot machine. After a couple spins you are down to seven dollars. Five spins after that you hit a mini jackpot and have a total of one hundred dollars. You test your luck and play some more spins. You get brought down to thirty-eight dollars. You decide you will play it down to twenty dollars. Before you reach twenty dollars (at twenty-three dollars) you hit a win of twenty-seven dollars. What is your total and how much did you spend to get this total?



The next subject will be on multiplication and division. We will talk about the beginnings of Algebra and we will start introducing the PEMDAS concept.


Thanks for reading and study hard!


A little bit about me.

My first blog with more about me.

Welcome, you lucky individual. You have came to my very first post. Currently my family hardly even knows about this. I suspect this might be a pretty old post before anyone actually swings back to read it. With that said, I think I am going to use it as a little treasure trove about me. Something that my about me page will most likely always be missing.

My name is Gregg. Recently I have been in a pretty bad place. I have had an issue with medical problems. My financial situation is pretty darn dire. Also, I felt lost. I wasn’t sure who I was or what I wanted to do. I keep falling back on my dreams from when I was younger. I want to change the world. There are so many things that are bad in the world today but get glossed over because, either people don’t think they can fix it or they feel it would take too much time. Whichever the case may be the world is more complex in that we should focus on the little things because they build into the bigger things.

After I got out of school I had decided on double majoring in Aerospace engineering and Astrophysics. I was planning on going to CU boulder because they have a competitive program and not to toot my own horn too much but I am pretty smart. On my road to that I was almost completed with my undergrad for both. I met a person who was so evil that they threw my life in the gutter and I honestly never recovered. My Calc II professor decided to get a vendetta against me and fail me regardless of my actual grades. This shook CU out of accepting me. You can’t have any grades below a B for their programs I was in. I brought my case to the head of math, the dean of math, and the dean of the school. I had students who witnessed it as well as proof in grades by other students compared to mine. Ultimately they told me that what I had to say meant nothing. A semester later it finally came out that he was dating girls and convincing them by giving them good grades. He was fired. To top it off the students he had for his final semester all got A’s regardless of what happened. Even still the school (who had everything I said on file) refused to do anything about it.

So with that my university days were a mess. The thing I did have however was my skill in video games. I am play them a lot and I am actually pretty good. I have played in cash tournaments and in highly competitive environments. Except it was always just a notch from being actually “pro” per say. I am a nice guy, until you start doing me wrong then I have no problem with speaking up and confronting the person doing the wrong. Which has caused me to lose countless games to people who actively throw in competitive formats. I will address this later because I am seeing a trend with the gaming industry that really needs to get taken care of.

Ultimately I have played video games and learned a lot of stuff that I can’t use now. I was a personal trainer out of high school as my side gig. I love sports and try to play them all the time. I also get severe migraines and have been going through absolute insanity with my doctors. If you ever want to know more or if you get migraines and want to reach out then feel free to contact me. I have no problem sharing some of the things that have worked. I have done a couple years of migraine research as well. My migraines are incapacitating so I understand.

That is all I really got for now. It is just a tidbit more about me that you might find interesting. Hopefully you enjoy my content and truth be told this blog will live off the support of people like you. I almost need it to keep writing consistently.

I hope you have a wonderful day