Modern Feminism, Jobs, and Video Games all share this devastating trait…

We have seen a variety of issues as a species. From slavery to internet neutrality, the issues we face know no bounds. Some of the things we are facing today as publicized by large media stations is the fight for feminism once again. I personally think this modern form of feminism is disgusting. It doesn’t fight for equality, rather, it fights for excessive privilege. Of course, everyone should be free and treated the same regardless of race, sex, or beliefs. While I have only ever met one or two people who made me believe that they have some sort of issue with a type of people, the rest of people I have ever met are completely indifferent. You get treated by most people according to how you act.

An important concept for you to understand moving forward is prejudice. Prejudice is generally described as having an opinion based off of no reason or experience. The most common example is the prejudice in some stores. They believe that African-Americans should be watched closer then caucasians. There has been plenty of experiments showing that this prejudice happens, unfortunately.

Modern feminism has become the rise of prejudice against white males. Unfortunately as well, the concept has gained enough traction to make it into media. A wonderful video explaining feminism and showing the false nature of it is linked right here in the event you want to learn more. The piece I want to highlight is how this thinking is promoting prejudice behavior.

Some people believe that our jobs are a safe zone. There is no way that there could be prejudice in them. However, they are what I would consider the most prejudice thing in our society. You may agree you may not, just hear me out on some of these topics. When you submit a resume your interaction with your hiring manager is minimal. They read a name, a location, where you have worked, and some skills you might add. A resume gives this person zero touch on your personality, zero touch about any work ethic, zero knowledge of anything that might be going on in your life (health, children, death, etc.), and definitely no information on who you are as a person. If you have bounced around from job to job because of moving or whatever then the hiring manager will have prejudice based off of past experiences, or what they have heard about people who jump ship often, and then pass on you.

There has also been studies showing that people with ‘white sounding names’ have a higher chance of getting a position versus people with ‘black sounding names’. It is crazy to think that people find prejudice just based off of names. I don’t plan on going into every single one of them, but this last one is something that disgusts me something fierce.

Having a job significantly increases your chances of getting the job versus someone who is not currently employed. The typical prejudice for this is that people who are currently employed have a higher work ethic versus someone who is not employed. I find this as absolute insanity. I can understand how someone might arrive at that conclusion, they are most likely told to hire people who are currently employed or they have began believing their own personal opinion as fact. This is actually a strong reason why the homeless number is increasing, whether it is addressed or not.

This is a research article from 1999 discussing a drastic rise in homelessness.

Here is another website that gives you a rundown of some important numbers.

These prejudice can completely cripple our society. Although, maybe you don’t see my point yet. Maybe you don’t believe me when I say prejudice is at an all time high and infecting everyone. I have one more subject for you, video gaming. Competitive video gaming is at an all time high. Each year these games break records with attendance and prize pools. Even recently there has been colleges that will give full ride scholarships for playing them.

This is an NBC news article with some information. 

This is a list of some colleges that give out scholarships.

These e-sports and competitive environments are too new to really have anyone looking at the environment that they create. Sports outside of video games have had a history long enough to support and try and raise humble players. Players who can be a good teammate. E-sports however is extremely well known to be terrible environments. Constantly being filled with hostility, high levels of cyber bullying, and aggressive almost scary threats. The software companies who write these games have implements a system that they feel is successful. It is a report system. The players who are in a game with a toxic person have the ability to report them. This system is completely automated. This is how they choose to save money dealing with these issues. A person who ends up receiving X number of reports ends up getting punished.

HOWEVER, this is absolutely broken and is having significant consequences on the state of these games. Due to the system just being based off of a number of reports and no actual evidence of toxic behavior it encourages people to group up and witch hunt players who they do not like. There are scores of internet forums filled with comments of how people ran into a negative group and they ended up being punished for no reason.

THESE PREJUDICE MATTER AND HERE IS WHY. Anymore it seems that everyone is so busy trying to keep up with their lives that outside issues hardly matter. If it isn’t directly in front of you or affect you. We are all guilty of this. My point here is to say that this rise in prejudice, whether it be from feminists, companies, or our relaxing activities, it is a serious problem that is putting strain on everyone. The people who have to face these prejudice each day rise. Ask the people who have to deal with shops constantly watching them or are misjudged because of someone else. The strain this causes is immense. It makes the atmosphere more hostile. Prejudice reduces the amount of happiness that a person can experience. If you have never felt a form of prejudice then feel free to play one of these video games for the fastest experience. Stress and negativity in the culture builds upon itself and creates such circumstances that put people in depression, dissociation, and sometimes even suicidal.

I understand that it feels like these all have simple answers, but they don’t. They show a problem in our society that we need to fix. We should all be worried about each other and try to be a little nicer.

Thank you for reading. I hope that this informed you of some things that are happening that you might not have known about. I will release a post on my thoughts on how we can fix them as well as some specific proof that you guys might find shocking.


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