Who did you harm today?

I just wanted to put something out there that is a little light, doesn’t really have a ton of place in today’s society, and sort of pushes your mind.

Everyday, everything we do impacts someone else. We are all caught up in ourselves that we don’t think of it. I assume our mind actively tries to avoid it because what benefit would we get knowing all the people we hurt.

Every single action has a consequence. If you take a job that maybe you don’t deserve, you are stealing it away from someone who does. When you throw away good food, you are taking what someone else could live on. When you watch people hurt another person, you encourage hatred into the world.

We live in a society that is untouchable. If someone provokes you, you cannot hit them. If you confront them verbally, you will get harassment charges or your social status will decline. If you do something another person doesn’t like, they can call the police on you even if what you did was of zero consequence to that person.

At what point is enough, enough? How many people have to be angry, hurt, upset, or whatever? Will we only treat each other better and defend each other when someone is being wrong, when the law says we have to?

The real question I am asking is, are you leaving the world the way you want it to be?


Have a good night, hopefully you try to think a bit about what I am saying.



Author: PASBlogging

Hello! I am an amateur blogger. I want to do some writing so that I can help make an impact in peoples lives for the better. My goal is to try and help change the world for good.

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