A little bit about me.

My first blog with more about me.


Welcome, you lucky individual. You have came to my very first post. Currently my family hardly even knows about this. I suspect this might be a pretty old post before anyone actually swings back to read it. With that said, I think I am going to use it as a little treasure trove about me. Something that my about me page will most likely always be missing.

My name is Gregg. Recently I have been in a pretty bad place. I have had an issue with medical problems. My financial situation is pretty darn dire. Also, I felt lost. I wasn’t sure who I was or what I wanted to do. I keep falling back on my dreams from when I was younger. I want to change the world. There are so many things that are bad in the world today but get glossed over because, either people don’t think they can fix it or they feel it would take too much time. Whichever the case may be the world is more complex in that we should focus on the little things because they build into the bigger things.

After I got out of school I had decided on double majoring in Aerospace engineering and Astrophysics. I was planning on going to CU boulder because they have a competitive program and not to toot my own horn too much but I am pretty smart. On my road to that I was almost completed with my undergrad for both. I met a person who was so evil that they threw my life in the gutter and I honestly never recovered. My Calc II professor decided to get a vendetta against me and fail me regardless of my actual grades. This shook CU out of accepting me. You can’t have any grades below a B for their programs I was in. I brought my case to the head of math, the dean of math, and the dean of the school. I had students who witnessed it as well as proof in grades by other students compared to mine. Ultimately they told me that what I had to say meant nothing. A semester later it finally came out that he was dating girls and convincing them by giving them good grades. He was fired. To top it off the students he had for his final semester all got A’s regardless of what happened. Even still the school (who had everything I said on file) refused to do anything about it.

So with that my university days were a mess. The thing I did have however was my skill in video games. I am play them a lot and I am actually pretty good. I have played in cash tournaments and in highly competitive environments. Except it was always just a notch from being actually “pro” per say. I am a nice guy, until you start doing me wrong then I have no problem with speaking up and confronting the person doing the wrong. Which has caused me to lose countless games to people who actively throw in competitive formats. I will address this later because I am seeing a trend with the gaming industry that really needs to get taken care of.

Ultimately I have played video games and learned a lot of stuff that I can’t use now. I was a personal trainer out of high school as my side gig. I love sports and try to play them all the time. I also get severe migraines and have been going through absolute insanity with my doctors. If you ever want to know more or if you get migraines and want to reach out then feel free to contact me. I have no problem sharing some of the things that have worked. I have done a couple years of migraine research as well. My migraines are incapacitating so I understand.

That is all I really got for now. It is just a tidbit more about me that you might find interesting. Hopefully you enjoy my content and truth be told this blog will live off the support of people like you. I almost need it to keep writing consistently.

I hope you have a wonderful day